Spread More Love this Valentine’s Day with Put Me in the Story!

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Put me in the story

I love my kids! And with Valentine’s Day approaching I had been brainstorming what kind of small gift I wanted to give them to show my love for them. As fate had it, I received an email from “Put Me in the Story” asking me to check out their line of personalized Valentine books. I will be honest, I have been approached to review personalized books from other companies, but for whatever reason, none of them seemed to “fit” with me or my kids age/lifestyle. Let me tell you about all of the reasons why I loved the idea of “Put Me in the Story”.


The variety of books are endless!

Just browsing the selection of Valentine themed books gave me a sense that I could find a book that would be suitable for a child of ANY age. I have a 6 year old daughter and an 8 year old son. While my daughter loves all things sweet and lovey-dovey, my son can be a bit hard to connect with. Finding just the right book for him was important, because he would certainly dismiss it before getting to the first page if it looked to “little kid-ish”. Aside from Valentine’s Day, Put Me in the Story has so may ways to search for the perfect book. You can search by AGE, GENDER, OCCASSION, and FAVORITE CHARACTER. There are even beautiful personalized GROWN-UP books that looks absolutely gorgeous!


When building your book, you get to see every page, beginning to end!

Building my personalized books was a pretty simple process. I just added in my child’s name, a picture, and a dedication note. Once I did that, I was able to preview the entire book to see where my child’s name was on the pages and when the picture came up. I got to read the whole story! I loved this! It was great to make sure that every word was something I thought fit into the story I was wanting to convey to my child. If it wasn’t, I was able to go back and start over with another book. Since the process is so quick and simple, I had my books made and ordered in less than 20 minutes!

Shipping is discrete!

As a parent, I am sure you know how important this little detail can be. My kids are clearly old enough to see a package in the mailbox and if it has any pictures or large writing on it, they will know exactly where it came from and maybe even be able to figure out what it is! Put Me in the Story sends their books in a plain brown package. Yes, the return address says “Put Me in a Story” but if I simply tell my kids, “oh, its for dad.” and toss it on the shelf, they don’t even question it.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Not that I think you will need to return your book or that you will be unhappy with it for any reason, but the offer is always nice to have available right? Put Me in the Story wants your experience to be perfect and will do what it takes to get it your product right, whether you are unhappy with the quality or it arrives damaged.

WANT IT BY VALENTINE’S DAY? The standard shipping cut-off date is JANUARY 27, 2016! You can still order after that, but expedited shipping will be required.

WANT A DEAL? Sign up for the Put Me in the Story mailing list and get 10% off of your next order!

Let me know if you decide to order a personalized book from Put Me in the Story! I’d love to hear what you think!

Aquatic Experience Chicago ~ 2015

I was provided with a Family Pass to Aquatic Experience Chicago 2015 in exchange for sharing this info with you. As always, all thoughts and viewpoints are my own.


Bright and colorful display right when we walked in!

This weekend, my kids and I got the chance to visit the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center to check out the Aquatic Experience Chicago 2015. We got the opportunity to see Gator Encounters, live octopus and piranhas, fish from around the world, educational seminars from industry experts, and a Kids Aquarium contest. We saw tons of colorful displays, learned lots about aquatic life, and even touched a few slimy creatures!


Lily had questions, and this nice guy from the Aqueon/Coralife/Kent booth had the answers for her!


Amazon Rainforest Riverbank


Gator Encounters!


Touch Tank ~ “Baby Shark! He LOOOOOOOOOOVES me!” ~Lily


Fun Day! can’t wait until next year! Maybe we will even have our own fish tank by then!

For more info and many more pictures and videos on Aquatic Experience Chicago 2015 check them out on Facebook!

CloudPets ~ A Message You Can Hug

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Please tell me I am not the only Mom who is frantically trying to get into the rhythm of the Back-to-School (not to mention the starting up of numerous extra curricular activities, homework, housework and my part-time job to go with it)! I feel like I am constantly forgetting or overlooking something or someone every day. I used to be so organized and have things planned out way ahead of time! Now I am often throwing everything together at the last minute.

Due to our busy schedules, we unfortunately miss out on some things, like play dates with friends and visits to family members. But due to advances in technology we have the opportunity to call, text, and video message those who we don’t get to see as often as we would like. What a difference this has all made in our abilities to connect with those loved ones who are far away or busy just like us!

Now with texting, calling, and video messaging you have to find a time that both parties are available, but with this new, one-of-a-kind product, CloudPets, we are able to send messages back and forth at both of our convenience’s, along with having a little fun! The free app takes a few moments to get the hang of, but rest assured your kids will be able to figure it out in no time! Check out the video below or visit the CloudPets page for more details!

Let me introduce you to “Puppy“, our family CloudPet! With the push of a paw, we are able to send and receive messages to those I have personally invited to do so. Thanks to the free app and parental controls, there is no way messages can be sent or received by anyone I have not approved.

Lily loves to take him with her on all of her fun adventures because he is soft and cuddly! She loves to swing with him, go on the swings and put him in the basket on her bike!


I like to keep “Puppy” up on the mantle while the kids are at school or sleeping. The blinking heart (it blinks when there is a message waiting for them) has been the first thing they look at when they get home from school, before bed and when they wake up in the morning, eager to see if Mimi sent them a “Goodnight” message or if Grandma responded to a message they sent earlier. I love the idea of using it to wish the kids good luck on a test they might be taking that day or a get well message if they aren’t feeling well or had a bad day. Jonah is running for Student Council Representative today! If he wins, I am sure there will be a few congratulatory messages waiting for him when he gets home!


“Puppy” always makes the kids smile and has brought them closer as they play together to send and receive messages. I love anything that creates a connection and deters sibling rivalry!


CloudPets can be found at Walmart, and lucky for me, they were right at the front of the store! Good thing the battery display was right next to the CloudPets or may have forgotten to pick up the three AA batteries needed!


Who would you give the gift of CloudPets to? Do you have young kids who would enjoy a unique and one-of-a-kind way to connect with far away loved ones? Do you have a family member or friend in the military that could use a cuddly reminder of home? What about a parent or grandparent in a nursing home who could use a friendly reminder of kids or grandkids? Or a teenager looking for a fun way to ask his date to the prom? Share your stories in the comment section below!

5 Ways I am Achieving My Healthy Living Goals with the help of Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices and J&J Healthy Essentials this Back-to-School Season

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RewardHealthyChoices #CollectiveBias

I can’t remember the last day I have not had a solid commitment of some kind. I have been shuffling my kids to camps, appointments, playdates, and babysitters for the last few weeks. Not to mention I have been working, attending church, visiting friends, and running errands to help finish up this summer. Along with all of that running about I have been faced with MANY dilemmas. Whether its scheduling conflicts, mealtime mayhem or health needs, it is time for a change! With the back to school season upon us, our daily routines are in need of some freshening up and Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices and J&J Healthy Essentials will help me get it all back together!

5 Ways I am Achieving My Healthy Living Goals with the help of Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices and J&J Healthy Essentials this Back-to-School Season

Walgreens SoFAB Aug 2015

1. Schedules make everyone lives easier ~ Less stress with more organization means a happier life

Walgreens So Fab Aug 2015 schedule

The transition from laid back summer days to strict routine school days can be tense. I find it is a lot easier to keep stress levels down and get through the day with two kids if it is more visually scheduled!

Less stress generally means lower blood pressure. Please tell me I am not the only mom whose kids can’t walk past a blood pressure machine and can’t help themselves but play with it! Since they can’t use it themselves they find just as much fun to watch Mom’s try it out. A few quick minutes entertains the kids, gives me a good idea on my current blood pressure status, and gets me 20 points when I load the info into my Balance Rewards for healthy choices™ app!

2. Healthy snacks in the car ~ Less eating out

It is a law of physics or gravity or parenting or whatever, that when a kid gets in the car they will be hungry. While at Walgreens this week I picked up a handful of snacks to keep in the car for the kids to munch on to get them by until meal time, instead of the constant drive-thru snacks and meals. This saves time and money between playdates, camps, and appointments all year round.

3. Exercise when the kids are busy ~ Exercise time for me in the little time I have

Walgreens So Fab Aug 2015 soccer

photo blurred for kids privacy

Both of my kids play soccer and since we spend a lot of time at the soccer fields, I often like to spend that time taking brisk walks around the park while the kids are busy practicing instead of sitting on the bleachers scanning Facebook and texting. Multi-tasking, saving time, and getting healthy, a win-win-win. With the Balance Rewards for healthy choices™ app all I have to do is keep my phone on me during those walks, it counts my steps and I add them into the app where I earn points.

4. Keeping water my number one beverage of choice ~ It’s easy with these Nice! sport-cap water bottles in my fridge

Walgreens So Fab Aug 2015 water

It is so tempting to drink cup after cup after cup of coffee all morning and afternoon, but I have found when I drink water I am actually more energized and healthy overall. That split decision right when I walk out the door to grab a bottle of water instead of an iced coffee makes a difference throughout my day!

5. Stocked First Aid Kit for the car and on-the-go ~ Boo-boo’s happen EVERYWHERE!


Did you know the itchy aftermath of a mosquito bite is really an allergic reaction? Everyone reacts differently to bug bites. I can’t tell you how many mosquito bites I got tending to our yard last week! I was glad to have Benadryl bite stick to help relieve some of the itching. With sports and school starting soon, I like to keep on hand the products needed to fix a scraped knee from the playground or a mosquito bite from soccer practice. I often keep Neosporin and band-aids, along with the Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream in my car and/or my purse so I can have it available at all times, whether we are at home or on the go.

  • Balance Rewards for healthy choices™ perks!
    • Earn 2,000 Walgreens Balance Rewards points ($2 reward) when you buy any two J&J Healthy Essentials participating products from 7/26/15-8/29/15
    • Walgreens launched Balance Rewards for healthy choices in an attempt to help its 80+ million loyalty cardholders modify behavioral risk factors associated with the most urgent public health issues.
    • Make every healthy choice rewarding. Looking to manage your weight, exercise more often, quit smoking or boost your overall health? Regular tracking can help you reach your goal.The Balance Rewards for healthy choices initiative rewards members for walking, weight management and more.
    • Get points today for your healthy activities. Start today at Walgreens.com/healthychoices



I’d love to hear how you plan to use the Balance Rewards for healthy choices™ app to help YOU achieve YOUR goals! Share in the comments below!


Summer Morning Giggles

I started to think that the cute stories about my kids would stop once they got older. Or at least slow down significantly. And as I don’t share as much here as I used to, it doesn’t mean amazing and memorable things aren’t happening in our home.

With summer winding down, and the countdown to the first day of school in full swing, I find myself breathing  a little slower, shortening my To-Do lists, and just listening. Listening to the sounds of my noisy house. Sometimes, and quite often numerous times a day, there is the fighting between siblings I hear. I hear the squeak of the couch springs as little bodies are hurling themselves on and off of them. I hear the attempted problem solving between bother and sister, sometimes successful and sometimes not. I hear silly shows on the TV in the early mornings. And I hear the giggles.

Giggling together as that silly TV show makes them laugh. Sitting together on a small twin size bed while enjoying something silly, but most importantly, enjoying something TOGETHER.

Being a 6yo sister and an 8yo brother is tough. Getting along is tough. Thinking of the other ones feelings is tough. And both are sensitive, strong-willed, and sometimes stubborn. But they are also both considerate, kind, and thoughtful.

So these summer morning giggles might be because of a TV show, but the result is so much more.

My First Stitch Fix Review

As mentioned a few days ago, I received my very first Stitch Fix*. For those of you who don’t know about Stitch Fix, here’s a quick recap.

By filling out an extensive Styling Quiz and providing a plethora of information and paying a $20 Stylist Fee, you will get 5 pieces in your Stitch Fix box that will arrive on your doorstep within a few short weeks. You try on and decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. Shipping both ways is free to you and you can use the $20 Stylist’s Fee toward the purchase of one or more of the items in the box. You can also get a 25% discount if you keep all 5 pieces! Within 3 days of receiving your box, you must “checkout” on the website, where you will give detailed feedback on each item you received, whether you keep that piece or not. That feedback will help them gauge in even more detail what you are looking for and what you would like to avoid.

After trying on each of my pieces, I was so pleasantly surprised at how in detailed my stylist Christina was when she picked them out. She took into consideration my fashion boards on Pinterest and the lifestyle I mentioned in my quiz.

I received in my box:

1.Skies are Blue : Sherry Embroidery Detail Tank  $48

Stitch Fix July 2

This tank feels nice and has beautiful detailing, although it is too big. I would normally wear a size Medium and that is what Christina sent, but it is just a bit too baggy and the material is not convenient for me personally. It wrinkles too easily and the stitching on the arms is bound to get snagged on something.

2. Market & Spruce : Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee $ 44

Stitch Fix July 4

This tee feels amazing! I can certainly feel why it costs $44. I felt like the tee fit nicely in the front with a bit too much bagginess though. And as much as I appreciate the lower hem in the back, it was too long. Possibly a smaller size would have been better, but I still think it might be too big since looser is the intended fit.

3. Kut for the Kloth : Denna Skinny Jean $78

4. Pixley : Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan $48

Stitch Fix July 3

I was able to pair the Market & Spruce Tee with these jeans and cardigan and honestly, this outfit is to die for! I LOVE the cardigan! It can easily go with so many things (like dresses and tees and shorts etc.). It has these adorable pockets with side ruching and feels so soft and smooth. You know, I would never pick up a pair of $78 jeans because “HELLO?!?! $78!!!!” but I can totally feel the difference in these jeans compared to a pair bought at Target or Kohls. And pairing all of these together totally make the Tee look BETTER, don’t you think?

5. Brixon Ivy : Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress $74

Stitch Fix 1

Words cannot describe how I feel in this dress! Christina mentioned that she sent this because on my Pinterest boards it looks like I have a “girly side that enjoys fit-and-flare dresses”. I couldn’t agree more. But I don’t have a dress like this in my closet because I would never pick up something that costs $74! Again, this is quite the dilemma! Keep it because I LOVE IT, but send it back because I can’t justify the price?

What do you think? What should I keep and whats should I send back? I’d love your feedback!

*Link in this post will take you to my referral page, where I will receive credit if you sign up and purchase your first Stitch Fix box. Once you sign up, you can share your own referral link to receive your own credits as well.


My first Stitch Fix! ~ Part One

Stitcj Fix Logo

I know, I am a little late to the game when it comes to Stitch Fix. A handful of my Facebook friends have been clients of Stitch Fix for at least a few months now, and gauging the interest of my own friends when I mentioned I ordered my first #Fix, there are lots of curious minds out there wondering what its all about but not quite ready to make the jump and place their first order. I wanted to share with you my first experience so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

1. It truly is NO COMMITMENT!

Let me repeat that. NO COMMITMENT! Which means there is no sneaky monthly box showing up on your doorstep (unless you want it to!) and an even worse sneaky charge on your credit card. You can choose to only receive a #Fix whenever you order one, or you can set up a recurring #Fix to come on a regular basis. No stress!

2. The “stylist fee” isn’t outrageous!

You pay a $20 stylist fee when the box ships. But when your #Fix arrives and you fall in love with at least one piece, you get to apply that $20 stylist fee to the price of the piece! And if you fall in love with ALL 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount on your order as well.

3. The STYLE PROFILE is very in depth.

You will answer questions regarding your specific size, what styles you LOVE or HATE, and there is even a place to add in notes regarding what you are looking for. They ask about what occasions you are wanting to focus on, what parts of your body you love to show off or keep covered. They ask about your budget and what kinds of clothing you’d like them to avoid. They ask about prints you like or dislike and ask for you to provide links to your social media profiles that might help your personal stylist get to know you a little bit better (I have many fashion related pins on pinterest that I feel my stylist took into account when picking pieces for me).

4. The budget is a bit out of my price range, but it is workable!

I don’t splurge on myself often and I rarely EVER go out shopping for myself unless there is a big occasion coming up. This gives me a way to try on and see things on my body I would never pick up off the rack, solely due to a price tag, no matter how beautiful it might be. I would never spend $44 on a t-shirt, but I might on a nice blouse or sweater.

5. SEND IT ALL BACK! Or none of it! Or some of it!

You get 5 pieces sent to your per shipment, but you are under NO OBLIGATION to buy any of it. You get 3 days once your #Fix arrives to decide what you want to keep or send back. Curing the checkout process you give feedback on each piece, very detailed feedback! This will help your stylist get to know you even better, regarding style, fit, budget, etc. The idea is every #Fix will get more and more tailored to YOU!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? I’d love to hear about your experiences if you have!

And come back later this week for pictures and my very own personal ~  with my first Stitch Fix box!

Summer Schoolwork ~ what do you do to foster your kids learning over the summer?

I may have been a bit of a nerd when I was a kid. I LOVED schoolwork. I remember “playing school” as a child, and somehow getting my hands on old textbooks over the summer. Maybe it had something to do with my mom being a librarian at my elementary school, but there is just something magical in the smell and feel of an old book.

Now, I know it is a touchy subject with some parents, whether or not to give their kids schoolwork to do over the summer. And you know me, I am understanding and accepting to each parent to parent as they wish, but I would like to share with you a few reasons why I choose to give my kiddos some schoolwork to do over the summer.

1. The “summer slide” is real.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.07.01 AM

Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months {SummerLearning.com Learn the Facts}. As my kids get older, the schoolwork is getting tougher. I truly believe in giving them short lessons daily it keeps their brains active and fresh, and ready for the upcoming school year.

2. It’s okay to skip a day, or three.

Trust me, my kids are having a fun summer! We have camps and outings and fun things going on all the time! So some days we don’t get to the schoolwork. We don’t stress about it though. If we know a busy day is coming, the kids may decide to do two days worth of work in one day. The work sheets are short, taking about 5 minutes to do, so doubling up is never a big issue. And we only do schoolwork Mon-Fri, so they still get weekends “off”.

3. Make it fun!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.09.36 AM

It doesn’t have to be a bunch of boring worksheets. It can be as simple as counting pieces of cereal in the morning, reading street signs or writing sight words on the driveway with sidewalk. I even have a few educational games that the kids love {the game above is called Very Silly Sentences by DK Games}. The more fun it is the less it feels like learning!

4. But we still do worksheets.

If you haven’t heard about Teachers-Pay-Teachers, let me be the one to tell you how amazing it is! You don’t have to be a teacher to use and purchase from the site, and you can find just about any subject and project on the site. If you have a child who struggles with possessive pronouns in second grade, there are worksheets for that. If you need simple math fact sheets for a kindergartener, there are worksheets for that. Do you need a workbook focusing on the transition from 1st to 2nd grade, you will find that there too! There is no fee to join, and the work is priced very well. You can even search the FREE section for lots of things too! Not only are you finding helpful work for yourself and your kids, you are also supporting hardworking teachers who put lots of time and effort into these worksheets and projects.


5. Keep them reading and writing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.08.57 AM

My youngest has a specified journal she does each day. It is part of a packet her kindergarten teacher sent home for over the summer. She writes a few sentences about whatever she wants to. We work on punctuation, capitalization, spelling and she draws a picture to go with it. At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year she is able to take the journal back to her teacher and pick a prize from the prize box. I am not above that kind of bribery, but she truly does it because she likes writing too.

Reading this summer has been our biggest struggle this summer. My soon to be 3rd grader is more interested in Dude Perfect You Tube videos right now than anything else. But we have a number of exciting incentives through our local library, Culvers and Barnes & Noble that keep him motivated. Be sure to check with your own library to see if they offer a summer reading program!

Now, all of that being said, I have to admit something. Maybe it is coincidental, but both of my kids have been excelling in school since the start. My 3rd grader will be in high ability math in the fall, and my 1st grader was in high ability classes in kindergarten. They grew up on Leapfrog and Reading Rainbow videos and games, but I never pushed them. I just found what I thought they might enjoy and went with it. I know as they get older, the struggles will get more intense, but for now, if I can keep it fun and educational, I plan to do so.

What do you do to foster your kids learning over the summer?

(pssst. I don’t judge, so its okay if you say “nothing”, because even if you think you aren’t doing anything at all, every single day is a learning experience for kids, so keep it up!)

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy with Purina® Beyond® Natural Pet Food at Meijer

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I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. My family had a wide variety of pets as I was growing up, so naturally, I wanted a “few” furry friends of my own once I became an adult and was living on my own. Shortly after my husband and I moved in together, we decided to adopt a cat. Little did my husband know that bringing home that one cat would open up a whole new world for me. Taking care of my cats became a passion of mine. I even spent a year volunteering at a cageless, no-kill cat shelter in Chicago. It was a life changing experience.

In my time working at the shelter, I learned a lot about properly caring for pets (not just cats, we had a few dogs come through the doors too!). I observed how a shelter that housed 300-400 cats at the time took care of health issues and behavior issues on an individual basis, and I was then able to incorporate that into how I cared for my own pets at home.

A healthy lifestyle is a big deal when it comes to having a pet in your home. It’s like having 4 legged kids running around. You wouldn’t let your kids lay on the couch all day eating candy and ice cream no matter how much they might want too. The same goes for your pets! But every pet is different, so the exercise that works for one may not work for the other, especially if one says “meow” and the other one says “woof”.

5 Ways to Keep Your Furry Friends Healthy and Happy

1. Commit to keep them active


Dogs ~ Whether it is a daily walk around the block, 10 minutes of playing fetch in the backyard or a swim in the pond, it isn’t hard to keep your dog active. And look at it this way, not only is your dog getting a little exercise, so are you!

Cats ~ When it comes to cats, this can be a little harder to achieve, but I have found a good laser toy, feather wand, and good ol’ fashioned catnip keeps older cats moving around. I am also a huge fan of placing a bird feeder close to an easily accessible window for them to watch. It might not keep them physically active, but it will keep them mentally active!

2. Attention 

Dogs ~ With a dog, the attention and affection can go both ways. Your pooch will be smitten if you get on the ground to engage in a little wrestling (my husband LOVES to get our beagle, Charlie all riled up like this!)! And I bet your mood will be lightened a bit after that playtime as well. I personally love a little cuddle time with my pets, so a snuggle with my pup is great too!

Purina Abby Lap

Cats ~ Cats can be tricky. They are known to not care about their owners very much and for 1 out of our 3 cats I can say that is totally true. But our 2 girl cats LOVE attention and to love on us, so filling up your heart with kitty cat purrs will certainly make you both happy!

3. Change of Scenery

Dogs & Cats ~ No, I don’t mean taking your pet on a trip around the world (although that might be a fun!!), but what I do mean is change up his toys every once in a while. Give him different things to stimulate him. Face it, he will still want to play even if you aren’t around, so swap out his toys so he can try out different things to keep his mind engaged and active, even when you are stuck at work! But I do suggest if he has a favorite toy, like one he simply can’t live without and is extremely well-loved, let him keep that one all the time, it is probably a sense of comfort (my dog has faceless, chewed up pink sparkly lion that he loves!).

4. Be an expert on his personality

Dogs ~ In the 3 years we have had our rescue dog, Charlie we have had to spend more time getting to know him than we did our own kids. Being a young adult aged rescue dog,  he came to us a complete mystery. Things that worked for most dogs did not work for Charlie. The things I read that were “typical” of a beagle, were not typical to Charlie. He has special requirements when it comes to being left home alone. It took lots and lots of trial and error until he stopped destroying everything in sight when we left him home alone. And he is also terrified of storms and fireworks so we have to run a fan for him when those things are going on, and I also now know he only feels safe sitting on my feet during a thunderstorm.

purina cat college

Cats ~ Cats are very easy to read if you know what to look for. While a dog wagging its tail is a good thing, a cat flicking its tail when you are petting him is the complete opposite. This means the cat is over stimulated and you need to back off. Some cats are huge fans of catnip, some like the laser toy, while others would rather have a little wet food as a treat. Know your cat so you can equip yourself with treats that he will love.

5. Feed them the best pet food you can

Oh, did I mention Charlie also has allergies? We have to read lots of labels before purchasing him anything. Also, he isn’t a fan of treats, which is crazy because he is a beagle and apparently beagles are known to eat just about anything! The upside to his pickiness is that we are able to maintain a healthy weight for him as long as we don’t over feed him at mealtimes.

Purina Hero editted

By reading labels I have found that not many pet foods reach my standards. I do not feed my pets products that contain meat by-products and I try to avoid grains as well. And if you are as diligent of a pet owner as I am, then you know that isn’t always an easy task.  Purina® Beyond® has been a product that meets many of my standards and I have found my pets love.

Charlie’s picky eating habits as well as his food allergies have forced me to find healthy ways to coax him to eat. I used to mix canned wet food along with his dry food to tempt him and it worked, but I was feeding him over the recommended amount per day in order to get him to eat! I since have been able to move to just mixing a little warm water with his dry food and that seems to “kind of” work, but it still takes him awhile to eat. I was excited to try the Purina® Beyond® Wet Dog Purees with him. This product is great because it contains a short list of human-grade ingredients. Nothing I can’t pronounce and all ingredients that are healthy for him. Although they do contain brown rice and oatmeal, I am not concerned because the amount is small and his dry food is grain-free. Ever since I have been mixing it in with his dry food he seems to enjoy eating much more.

My cats also love the Purina® Beyond® line of cat foods. I leave dry food out for my cats at all times. With 3 cats this is easier for me, but I will admit it has resulted in overeating and in turn, one overweight cat. One of our 3 cats, Chester is overweight, but we do try to give him small ways to stay active (he LOVES catnip).

On occasion I like to give my cats a little bit of wet food as a treat. I like that the Purina® Beyond® Wet Cat foods come in small 3 oz cans, making it easy to use the entire can at one time. They are also grain-free and come in a wide variety of flavors, like Salmon & Sweet Potato and Tuna, Mackerel, & Carrot, both favorites of my furry felines. No by-products are used, they are vitamin supplemented and no artificial flavors are added. The first protein ingredients are SALMON and TUNA, after fish broth! This is awesome!

Purina 7 Aisle Jonah editted

I was lucky enough to pick up the Purina® Beyond® pet food products at Meijer, where I used my mPerks account to take advantage of over $8.00 in savings! If you don’t have an mPerks account it is really easy to sign up and “clip” the coupons on their website. Then you visit the store, just enter your info and the savings are automatically applied. Savings are good June 7, 2015 – June 23, 2015.

  • Save $1 on any bag of Beyond Dog Treats
  • Save $2 on any bag Beyond Dry Dog
  • Save $2 on any bag Beyond Dry Cat
  • Buy 2 Beyond Purees Save $2
  • Buy 2 Beyond Wet Dog 13 oz and Save $2
  • Buy 4 Beyond wet cat 3 oz and Save $1

We’ve shared our favorite ways to stay active and healthy with Purina® Beyond® natural grain free products from Meijer, now share with us how you and your pet keep moving!